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At, it’s always customers first. We provide a platform that gives customers all the solutions they require under one roof for a designer drug or compound. We have a huge range of products that caters to all the customer’s needs who are of great value to us. We are a market leader and have a majority market share in designer drugs and similar compounds which we achieved through maintaining high-quality standards, continuous research and development, knowing what our customers need, persistent hard work and on-time delivery of products. Customer loyalty is of prime importance to us and we ensure providing on-time and customized solutions to our loyal customers so that customers come to us for repeat purchases and thus maintaining the integrity of our brand. Customized extends to quantity and type of product, pricing options, delivery options and also payment options. 5 mapb for sale is in RC chemicals website .

How can you use them?

We provide the entire gambit of Research Chemicals under RC Chemical but the most significant one is 4 MPD, this product demands very high quality and hence we have delegated an entire team of researchers who work towards finding the best applications of the products and guarantee a very high quality end product. Since the product is very strong and has very high stimulating power and it has an effect which lasts for 8 to 10 hours even under mild dosage, we ask our customers to first try the product in a small quantity. We help our customers in achieving the same by selling small samples for trail and when they are done with the testing, then can easily order large quantities and enjoy wholesale rates from our end.

We have samples, of 5-10 gm per packages, which we can sent you so that after using them and only after getting the satisfactory effect, you can place the order and buy them in bulk in order to get them at wholesale rates.

Immediately on receiving the payment through any mode ie. Credit Card, Net banking, Payal etc, we will ship the packages to you. For some parts of EU states and all of UK and US, there is uninterrupted delivery. We promise on-time delivery – U.S. delivery time is expected to be 4-7 days and 4-6 days in Europe. However, there might be a delay due to unavoidable conditions if there are some national holidays or climatic conditions which are not under our control. We can exchange and substitute those products at our expense, in the case of quality issues arises. There is a provision to insure your products at a minimal cost of 10% of the total purchase order. Payment for insurance is to be made along with the total payment under the order. This takes care of delivering order with utmost priority and in case of any unfortunate incident of loss of package etc, we can take necessary actions to restore the order.

In case of further queries and assistance, you can reach out to our dedicated managers who would gladly help you with all your concerns.

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